Farewell my friend

Recently I had to do one of the hardest things in my life... Say goodbye to one of my best friends. It's not easy when you lose someone who has been a part of your life for so many years. They had encouraged me throughout my career in the lingerie industry. Had been there at the birth of the blog. When I worked as a designer. When I spent all my travel money on lingerie. I could discuss my unique world for hours with them and in time gave them a love of lingerie as well. They were always there to support my crazy addiction, proof read my posts and understand this was my passion as well as my career. I felt truly blessed to have them in my life.

So the past month has not been an easy time for me and writing and spending energy on the blog hasn't been a priority. At this highly emotional time I have also been trying to organise my first trip to Europe where I will be learning the ropes of internationl lingerie buying. It is my dream job, my dream life and I still felt completely and utterly disconnected from it. What I needed was a break... 

Stella McCartney - Anna Glowing

I escaped for a weekend where I let my brain just switch off from everything that I felt. I could have fun conversations about life, travel and what to cook up for a big group breakfast. I could play boardgames, drink red wine and eat chips from the packet. I knew I had work to do but I didn't want to research new brands or write about frivolous things like lingerie... The passion had been stunted. But as I spent time with my friends and further away from my normal life as I possibly could (think gumboots, khaki sweater dresses and woolen tights) I realised that even though I hid my sadness and addiction, I still had on all the layers of my personality underneath, including the $1000 worth of lingerie I kept hidden. Even if I wanted nothing more than to escape that reality.

I ended up picking up my bag of newly purchased Stella McCartney, my Canon and started taking a series of photos around the farm. Hanging up each piece of lingerie delicately over tree branches, swings and fireplaces. It brought me a sense of joy in creating art with just my camera, natural lighting and a few new pieces in my ever growing collection. No words needed to be said. My friends knew to just let me be and enjoy.

Once I came back from my escapade the girls then eagerly raided the bag and a lingerie discussion started. "Where did you get those from?" "My breasts have changed after breast feeding and need to be refitted" "I buy my lingerie from IGA!" We talked about where you could shop on a budget. Changing bra shape sometimes over size itself and when the next group lingere shopping trip would be. I felt at home. 

Stella McCartney - Josephine Marrying


Stella McCartney - Selma Dancing



Stella McCartney - Eve Giggling

Each one of these beautiful pieces were picked up at the Bendon Outlet $20 sale only a couple days earlier, hence they still have tags attached! Retail therapy certainly did help lift my mood a little and wearing nice lingerie always makes me feel better. Farewell my friend. I will miss you.

Did you make it to the $20 Bendon sale? If not, why not??


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your friend, I can't imagine what you are going through! I am so excited for you following your dreams though sometimes you need to completely escape to discover your passion!

    1. Thank you... And yes sometimes stepping away from it all makes you see your passion even more. I'm very excited for the challenge that now awaits me! And look forward to writing all about it!

  2. I made it! I spent well over $1000 in this $20 bendon sale in the past two weeks, now I'm in heaven with my morning routine, so many choices! I'm still finding little gems in my drawers I forgot I bought ;)

    1. Nice work! Glad to see others are hitting up these sales and not just me! Phew... I don't feel so crazy after all!

  3. Stumbled upon your site and I love it. The details and photos are great. Truly lingerie art!

  4. Unfortunately I was not able to make it to the $20 Bendon sale. There was an emergency that I need to attend to. Looking forward for more sales!

    -Ryan| sex toys Philippines


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