Agent Provocateur in Australia (Part #1)

Agent Provocateur has finally landed in Australia and it's a label that truly needs no introduction. Most people, even those not familiar with lingerie brands, can automatically conjure up an image of what AP represents. The name alone creates images of sexy Russian secret agents from the 60s with big hair, big guns and big attitudes who kick enemy butt while dressed in not much more than stockings and suspenders. Well this is what I see when the name is mentioned anyway...

 I have talked about this label before and the story behind it, now let me tell you a little bit more about Australia's first Agent Provocateur concession stores. Located within Sydney and Melbourne CBD David Jones' lingerie department, you cant miss this raunchy boutique. The area is rather small for such a famous label but it's set up as an open concession making it easy for lingerie buyers to peruse the racks and up their lingerie level. What is on display is one of each style available in the sample size of 12B. Don't think it's like the rest of David Jones, with every single size hanging for you to grab yourself and head to the change room with. It's a fully manned area where you can get assistance (hopefully, but more on that later).

Agent Provocateur slipped into the Australian fashion scene in February of this year to a small amount of fan fare. Not as much as I expected to be honest, for this internationally known label. They launched in Melbourne at midday on Valentines day. Strange time to have a launch party, when every man needed to have already purchased their gift at least the day before or they'd get a not so fun hiding. I went along to the opening and watched B grade celebrities talking with the beautiful people, but no one seemed to be purchasing. Women mingled and talked about how cool the launch was, with champagne in one hand while they did their best skinny arm pose in front of Herald Sun photographers. It was exactly what I expected for a fashion event.

The turn out was pretty impressive for a lunch time launch. Guests made an effort in their best version of lingerie as outerwear, in an attempt to get photographed by someone....anyone. Models posed in the range just released on the Australian market. Black on black with a touch of black, the perfect Melbournian attire. Bra, bottom, suspender, stockings, and robe to match. It was good to see the garments on, showing the fashionistas how it's meant to be done. It wasn't too overt the outfits they chose, and they showed a good balance of raunch versus class.    

I got to speak to a few people about the label and what the brands aim was to be here. It's obviously huge around the world and Australia was a frontier they needed to conquer. I was looking forward to their lingerie domination in Melbourne especially. Marketing for this label is beyond phenomenal and they already have a huge Australian online following. What would happen when the label finally launched here? The sky was the limit. The lingerie boom was starting...

Let me give you a brief rundown on what is available in-store for those who cant make it to either the Sydney or Melbourne David Jones concessions. The stock runs same season as EU in order to keep up with public demand. Lingerie labels release stock the same as fashion brands, colours that work with the seasonal weather and current trends. Winter hues released in November overseas may not appeal as much in the warm Australian climate. However Aussies can purchase these garments direct from the Agent Provocateur website so they had to follow the brands release times in order to keep up.

Luckily, lingerie isn't like fashion, it's not seen by others (well perhaps only by a fortunate one) So trends and colours don't matter too much, especially with fun stuff when it comes to purchasing undergarments. Prices are high for this label but comparable with their overseas prices as they must compete with the online store. I felt a little awkward as I wandered, looking at tags and jotting down prices while staff walked around me, so I don't have a lot of prices here. But at least it gives you an idea of the cost for this label. Let me give you a basic run down of how much Agent Provocateur will be costing you here in Australia...

Ariel Bra $235, Brief $205 Suspender $180 Stockings $50 so in other words that full set would set you back $670

Raphaella Corset $930 bottom not available in store....

Rizzo Corsollete $550 I didn't look at the prices for the bra set as the slip was the one I loved.

I have part #2 of this review coming later...

Have you been in to check out Agent Provocateur yet? What did you think?


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