Do you Kiss, or do you Kill?

Halleluiah!! Finally there is a new Australian lingerie label on the scene. Not only that but she is from Melbourne! Let me introduce you to Kiss Kill. For those who know their lingerie brands, you may recognize the styling presented by this new label. Created by Jane Carrodus (formally designer for Bellechasse) she has released her first collection titled "Licence to Kill" last month, a range not for the faint of heart. A perfect combination of dominant bedroom attire versus high fashion wear, it is for the empowered woman.

I was lucky enough to have a chat with Jane and preview samples with her before the launch last week. It's always nice to talk in depth with designers and owners about lingerie, styling, inspiration and the stories behind their creations. Talking to Jane showed her passion for lingerie and what it represents to her. It isn't just about comfort and fit (though obviously it's a major part of it) but it's about the two personalities women can present to the world and their partner.

Kisskill is a metamorphous of two concepts.  Kiss represents the feminine side of a woman’s personality and sexuality and embracing the soft side of being a woman. Kill references the allure of a woman - the strong, independent and dominant side. She has a killer instinct she uses to empower herself and create an air of mystery to her personality. She wants to be loved but also desired as a sexual being. She is comfortable with her sexuality and who she is behind closed doors. Kill represents her use of sexuality to conjure an emotion leading to ultimately, killer sex appeal 

Last week I was invited to Kiss Kills launch party in Richmond. We got to see all the lingerie out on show as well as be the first to view their TVC
 'Use me'
featuring the gorgeous Chrissy Walczak. All the beautiful people mingled with champagne, canapes and Kiss Kill Look books. Orders could be made on the night and credit cards were being pulled out left, right and centre. Here is what took place that night.

Stairway to heaven....


I will do a more detailed feature on this label after the products get a proper test run! Kiss Kill is currently available online only but will be at boutique stores very soon. Check them out at

So are you a Kisser or are you a Killer? 


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