Call me Four Boobs...

Over the years I have amassed an amazing lingerie collection. From high end designer labels like La Perla all the way down to Target. I don't discriminate when it comes to lingerie. I buy what I like and I like a wide variety of styles and brands. But I know I have a problem when I buy two (or three) of the same thing. Now to some of you that may not sound strange, as women often buy two of the same shape t-shirt bra as it's your everyday wear piece. However I have around 250 bras and to realise I have more than one $300 bra, I think there is an issue... Let me tell you more.

I went to the Bendon Outlet last week on my second trip during their Nothing over $20 sale. I thought I had purchased all the good stock when I went in on the first day of sales. But the good thing about Bendon is they get stock in all the time and there's no predicting what you can get! I wandered in while waiting to meet a friend for breakfast and froze... On the rack in front of me was the Pleasure State Couture Swarovski Crystal bra rrp $299. "Oh my god. No way! That couldn't be $20?!" I grabbed it and held it in my hands like a child who received the best Christmas present in the world! I didnt care what size it was. I didnt care that there weren't any bottoms to match. I didn't even care that I didn't really like it! I had that feeling of euphoria rush over me in the knowledge that this bargain piece was now mine. Well once I paid for it, it would be.

I thought I better take a peek at the tag to check the size and I went into shock. There was a bright yellow price sticker on their screaming out $10! "I am frickin $10!!! Buy me!!!" The size was one cup size smaller than what I wear for Pleasure State, but I thought I could make it work. If not then I would surely use it in a photo shoot along the way. I grabbed that, raided the rest of the store and headed to the the counter to pay. I double checked the price with staff, as it seriously was too good to believe. They told me they had received a random mix of stock from Pleasure Stare Couture and all the bras they unpacked were $10 and all the bottoms only $5. They sent me to the back of the store where the other hidden gems were located and I walked out with a bag of bargain goodies. I purchased one chemise, one bra, three g-strings, one hi waist brief, one short, one suspender belt. Total Retail Value $1595.00 for a mere $89.85...

Now I'm not complaining about the amazing bargains, but the reason you're reading this post is to find out why I titled it Four Boobs. Later that night when I tidied up my show room I saw a glimmer under my pile of lingerie. Suddenly I stopped in my tracks. Is that what I think it is?? I looked to my right and I could see the unopened bag of lingerie sitting there from my purchase earlier that day. But in front of me I could see crystals. Not just one, but a scattering of them. All over a silk and lace bra. It was Pleasure Sate. It was Couture. It was the crystal bra...

Somewhere in my mind I only recalled seeing the bra when I was shopping last year but I didn't remember buying it. In the thirty seconds I stared, I actually remembered the purchase... During my crazy busy Christmas season I purchased the set at Myer in their 75% off discount price sale... I bought the bra and the bottom, at another bargain price but not as cheap as this. Now the embarrassing thing is that neither bra is my actual size! If I put on some weight I could fit into one and if I loose some weight the other will be perfect. Problem is, that wont happen. So most likely, neither of them will get worn! Sigh. This is what I do. This is my addiction.

So now feel free to call me four boobs. I accept the title. I understand my problem. But it doesn't discourage me a bit! I will continue buying. I will continue posting and I will continue having a lingerie addiction.

How many bras do you own? Do you double up on your favourites?


  1. If you aren't going to wear them, then better to sell them to somebody that can / will wear them & share the enjoyment of beautiful lingerie. Use the money for other pieces that will be used.

    1. I know.... But I have such trouble parting with my lingerie!! But I hear you, money for more lingerie....

  2. I've only just found your blog but I'm so glued to the screen! I will definitely be commenting a lot hahah
    I own (off the top of my head) only two bras that are the exact same (style and colour),. Both Elle McPherson Intimates, in that standard 'Dentelle Contour Balconnet Bra' style. I used to love it but now every time I go to look at Elle lingerie in Myer, I get bored! Same bra, different colour...unless I really fall in love with it, I pass meh. Plus now I actually know my size, Pleasure State is the only company that stocks a size that is close to 28D-DD/6D-DD! I settle for 8Ds with them and will just alter it. And now I plan to make my own :) So I'm going to St Vinnies a lot of the ill-fitting ones (but I may keep them, they're so pretty!)

    1. Thank you so much for the comment and please keep commenting! Ohh altering and making your own, I am impressed! I find it hard to part with my old bra sets even if I know they will never ever fit me, they are just too pretty to hand over to St Vinnies... They just live in a suitcase now. sigh. Have you ever purchased Asian lingerie?? They do great small size backs. I used to always buy overseas when I traveled but there are places you can buy in Aus now or online if you don't mind the risk...

  3. I am beyond jealous. I was lucky to score the gorgeous purple Kryptonite set at the outlet store but the Crown Jewel eluded a woman here in Sydney. I do have the thong but LAWD what I would do for a 14D (or DD) Crown Jewel to complete my set. I am about to donate a whole bunch of (cheaper) lingerie to St Vinnie's but all my old Spoylt 36C's I'm trying to locate a friend to 'donate' to, lol. Cleaning out the old to make way for the new. I really love (and own) the Ruby Sage and Coco Anne sets from PS AW14. The bustier is to ACHE for. I was disappointed with Juliette Quinn except for the thong which I love. I wish they had made the bra mesh like the thong (e la Claudette who do great everyday 'basics') alas, it's satin plus it doesn't fit me right as I only fit their couture range :)



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