Life's too short to save the good stuff...

A couple of years ago I scored two big bottles of MOR Blood Orange, liquid soap and moisturiser. I absolutely adored the scent and I held on to them for years, too scared to use it all up. I thought I should save it until I had a special occasion at mine. You know, when I would host an awesome party and the guests would remember the liquid soap near my basin. Dumb I know, and each time I hosted a party I thought "My house isn't the house I want to show off all my beautiful things in" so I would put the MOR back into the cupboard and refilled the plastic Dettol pump. My drunk guests wouldn't care less anyway!

When was the right time going to be, I started to wonder...
Last month I decided to give up on the hoarding and start with the enjoying. Life was just too short to hold on to the good stuff for a better time. The best time is now. So I pulled out my Blood Orange scented goodies one morning ready to wash and moisturise, only to discover the scent wasn't what I had remembered it to be. In actual fact, it had gone off. I had been holding onto something so long that it was now worthless.

We tend to do the same with lingerie - holding on to those beautiful matching sets, saving the more expensive pieces for a special occasion only. Perhaps we will wear it for an anniversary or a dirty weekend away. Maybe as a birthday surprise or a first encounter - it's not something we think to wear on a daily basis. We save those amazing pieces for when someone else will appreciate them too, and that's not what good lingerie should be about.

The bra featured in this post is probably my most valuable one to date, edging just shy of six-hundred Australian dollars. The workmanship on this single piece is beyond anything I have owned before, with silk on tulle, pinned by hand and sewn delicately in position to create the intricate loop work pattern called soutache. This was a bra that had to be altered to fit, as it only came in 1,2,3 sizings with no difference in the cups, but that didn't matter to me. This piece was like artwork and I appreciate the value of this hand-crafted La Perla piece enough to alter it to fit my younger frame. I held on to it for years, hardly wearing it as I felt it was just too special. It was weird - if it wasn't something I would wear for a partner and not something I would wear for every day, when exactly would I wear it? Well, never! And there lies the issue...

 Would it still fit me? This bra I had hardly worn... After I got it back from a photo shoot the other month (special thanks to Photographer Josie Withers and Stylist Labrini Kianidis for the first shot) I popped it on and luckily I could still do it up! Phew! I wore it that very day and felt brilliant in it! I find outfits now that work with the bra and it has become an everyday wear piece. Why throw away hard-earned money not wearing something you adore when in a years time it may not even fit?

Do you hold on to your matching sets only for when someone else will be seeing them or do you wear them on a daily basis?


  1. That bra is indeed valuable! You certainly learned a lot. Stuff like lingerie is for you and for you to wear whenever you want to. You shouldn't wait for special occasions. You should reward yourself by wearing it whenever you feel like wearing it. This post may contradict the saying "save the best for last" but it also make a lot of sense.

    Ted Juhl

    1. Never save the best for last! The best should be for everyday. I have learnt my lesson! x

  2. No point owning a Ferrari and never driving it!


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