1st birthday celebrations in lingerie

On Saturday I had to attend my first ever 1st birthday party. I don't know many 'babies' so this was a first for me. I didn't know what to expect. Would I be allowed to have a drink? Would I be able to hold a conversation that consists solely of "Oh so cute" and "Yeah I want one but I don't think my boyfriend is ready for that yet."  And would I get cake?? Well my worries were all for nothing! The champagne was flowing freely, the gasps of "Oh that's cute, I want it" were coming out of my mouth and of those around me and yes there was cake! I was at Belle Chasse's first Birthday Party.

Belle Chasse is a boutique style lingerie store located at 1052 High St Armadale in Melbourne. The store has a lovely atmosphere and is set up like an adults candy store. With lingerie hung in boxes by series and style with minimal amounts on display. It's neat, it's fresh, it's fun.

But this store isn't just about lingerie... Out the back they also have a selection of toys, books and other fun little things. It is set up in a subtle classy way making things that are a little taboo easy to view and consider.

 Belle Chasse started off selling their own label as well as a few top European labels like Lou, Made by Niki and Marlies Dekkers. The stores own brand however took over due to their lower price point and is the main stock they display and sell now. The style may not be everyone's taste but the market is aimed at the 25-35 year old woman. Someone who is looking for something sexy, different and with a little more of a European feel.

I had an interesting talk to the founder of the store, Donna Guest who also started the Blue Illusion stores in Australia. She had found a huge lack in the industry for lingerie for the young discerning woman. Someone who wanted to dress up but didnt want to be shopping at Myer or David Jones purchasing only main stream brands. She has years of experience in the retail industry and was fascinating to talk to. She collaborated with designer Jane Carrodus who had been working as product manager for Peter Alexander. Jane started designing the French inspired Belle Chasse range for the store. They have a high product turn over, and unlike other lingerie labels, they don't just design in seasons. New stock is released all the time. So the aim is to have you popping in regularly to see what is new on offer.

Belle Chasse lingerie is produced in China with high quality control, just like most labels. The price point is mid (sometimes high depending on the product and fabric used.) It's simple, classic, yet still sexy. They plan on expanding their stores and the Belle Chasse brand very soon. So keep an eye on this new label.

Check out the store for yourself or shop online here


Here are some photos from the night. Models, guests, lingerie and goodies bag.


Goodies bag
 Have you been to Belle Chasse yet?


  1. Good fun with good humans! Thanks for the beers guys and great work.

    Mark ferguson™

  2. Thanks for your great information, i love it.


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